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Porsche Design

Wonderful product simplifies. This opinion guides the work of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who engineered multiple profitable designs for his family's famed car corporation in advance of opening the Porsche Design Studio. The organization debuted in 1972 using a chronograph that gave rise to a growing selection of easy-to-use models that marry form and function in cutting-edge watches. Among the most important is the indicator from Porsche Design, a timepiece whose unfussy operation belies the intricacy of its advanced movement, a chronograph that ensures superior readability which has a jumping digital display mixed with large luminous numerals and open-worked hands.

The Porsche Design Indicator P'6910 is closed in a titanium, PVD-coated titanium or rose-gold case, the latter fitted with a PVD-coated titanium frame and case-back. One key to the Porsche Design Studio's being successful is its capability to draw inspiration from both emotion and reason to create watches that balance tradition with development. An apt demonstration of this delicate alchemy is the P'6920 Rattrapante, the watch that contrasts modern-day case manufacturing with a classic complication. The 45mm case is made of titanium, a metal prized for the lightness, robustness and resistance to corrosion. The Porsche Design Studio applies a gorgeous black filling to the metal working with PVD solutions, a vacuum-based method that results in a uniform layer of metal nitride condensation